I solve song emergencies!

There's a saying in the music biz, "There's no such thing as song emergencies!" and that's true! Nobody's bleeding, nobody's dying. But people have song emergencies all the time! Song911 is here to fill in the gaps.

  • Registration, copyright & collection
  • Navigating distribution
  • Metadata & catalog management
  • Critique/feedback
  • Catalog assessment
  • Studio engineering/production
  • Song rescue
Big Picture: connecting your dreams to your days
  • Webinars
  • Group coaching
  • One-on-one coaching


On Nashville’s Music Row, Sumiko is assistant to independent music publisher Steve Bloch, who consults for Demolition Music Publishing (Jon D’agostino, Haven) and listens for Doug Johnson of Black River Entertainment (Kelsea Ballerini, Abby Anderson). That means her days are spent listening to amazing songs by talented writers and seeing where they might fit with incredible artists and performers. She finds it a privilege to participate in the process that brings the music to the masses!

On the west coast, Sumiko wrangles music for Los Angeles based NARIP - National Association of Record Industry Professionals. Under the guidance of superconnector Tess Taylor, she connects songwriters and publishers with synch professionals: music supervisors and synch agents, through in-person and remote pitch events, educational seminars, and networking brunches.

Born and raised in rural northern Ohio, Sumiko learned how to write notes on staff paper before she knew how to write words! Songwriting has been a part of her blood from jump. As a fourth-generation Japanese American, she brings her unique perspective and a fresh take to the music industry she deeply loves. She spent 15 years in the American southwest with her then husband, running a traveling music school - teaching music to young Navajo and Apache students.

As that wrapped up, Sumiko explored her old passion, as a songwriting major at Berklee College of Music’s online degree program. Her mentors there directed her steps, and in 2017, she found herself looking at a fresh start. She landed right back where she’d always dreamed of being: in the heart of Music City, where she feeds the birds, sits on the front step to talk to the neighbors, and breathes in the creative whirlwind that is Nashville, Tennessee.

Denver musician Jenny Shawhan says, regarding Sumiko’s coaching, “I wanna thank (Sumiko) for being mindful and intuitive and really having her pulse on what’s going on and what’s a good fit. This could quite possibly be a game-changer for me, and maybe a career-maker!"

Call her up if you’ve got songs you’re stuck on, admin tasks you hate to do, if you need to learn the biz side, get feedback on your catalog, or get a 10,000 foot view of your career and dreams. Whatever the nature of your song emergency, Sumiko can get you back on track!

What is the nature of your song emergency?
Drop me a line and let's chat about it.
Sumiko Sprinkle
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